Our Patriots

June 12, 2016
“Those who won our independence…valued liberty as an end and as a means. They believed liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to be the secret of liberty.” ~ Louis D. Brandeis ~

Our Samuel Bryan Chapter members are proud to be direct descendants of these patriots of the American Revolutionary War.



David Hough, Private

George Hubbard, Patriotic Service-Captain

Ebenezer Lyon, Private



Barzilla Delano, Private



Samuel Boone, Patriotic Service

Cornelius Brothers, Soldier-Patriotic Service

Thomas Hutchcraft, Private

Andrew Malone, Corporal

Luke Mudd, Civil Service

Elijah Smith, Private

William Spaulding, Private-Patriotic Service

North Carolina


William Adams, Patriotic Service

John Angel, Private

George Baker, Captain

William Dixon, Private

Moses Endicott, Private

Lawrence Thompson, Sergeant

John Wilkins, Private

William Wright, Private

Samuel Wyatt, Patriotic Service

New Jersey


Daniel Carter, Private

David Garrigus, Private

John George, Sergeant

William Hercules, Soldier

New York


Benjamin Allison, Private

Timothy Boughton, Private



James Baxter, Private

John Christy, Patriotic Service

James Clark, Civil Service, Patriotic Service

John Cowing, Sergeant

Nicolas Firestone, II, Private

Joseph Grist, Private

John Harding, Jr., Captain

Michael Haverstack, Colonel-Patriotic Service

John Holler, Private

David Humphrey, Jr., Private

David Humphrey, Sr., Patriotic Service

James McFarland, Private

John Reed, Captain

South Carolina


Alexander Kelso, Private

Bazil Prather, Private


Flag-of-Vermont-S (1)

Joseph Call, Private

Caleb Hendee, Private



Abraham Baugh, Patriotic Service

John Boreland, Private

James Brewster, Civil Service

Leroy Brizendine, Private

John Butler, Sergeant Major

William Davidson, Private

James Dunn, Civil Service-Patriotic Service

Samuel Dunn, Civil Service-Private

Henry Flescher, Lieutenant

Wooten Harris, Private

James Hickman, Sr., Private

Dilmas Johnson, Private

Thomas Kincaid, Patriotic Service

Peter Martin, Private

John McCorkle, Ensign

William McKee, Captain

Shadrach Pearson, Private

Thomas Rand, Private

James Range, Private

William Ransdell, Ensign

Matthew Robertson, Private-Patriotic Service

John Sanders, Private

William Sexton, Private

Maniah Singleton, Lieutenant-Civil Service

Stephen Smith, Private

Henry Thomas, Private

James Wilson, Patriotic Service

    America’s First Political Cartoon         

The phrase, "Join or Die," by Benjamin Franklin, encouraged former colonies to fight against British rule.

      The phrase, “Join or Die,” by Benjamin Franklin, encouraged former colonies to fight against British rule.

The DAR has a searchable genealogical database containing information on proven patriots and descendants of past and present DAR members. Feel free to browse the collection.