Samuel Bryan

June 12, 2016

Samuel Bryan was an American Revolutionary War soldier who dedicated his life as a true pioneer in the struggle to keep his life, and that of his family and countrymen, while defending and building for the future of what was then the beginning of civilization in the land of wilderness.

Samuel Bryan was the son of William and Mary (Boone) Bryan, and the nephew of Daniel Boone. Samuel, with his father and other family members, engaged with many skirmishes with the Indians in their explorations of new territories of North Carolina, Kentucky, and Tennessee. It was during one of these encounters that Samuel’s brother and father were killed.

At a site, which is now suburban Lexington, they cleared land and built a shelter to establish Byran Station. Later, Samuel and his wife Mary (Hunt) Bryan, with two tiny daughters in tow, made the dangerous journey through the Cumberland Gap to enlarge Bryan Station.

It was in the 1820’s, when Samuel was in his 70’s, when he and Mary accompanied a son, Luke, to Indiana and settled in the area now known as Southport. He was 81 at the time of his death, having contributed to the development of the Southport area in many ways. He, Mary, Luke, and other family members are buried at the Pioneer Cemetery on Southport Road, adjacent to the former Baptist church he helped organize. A special monument marks the gravesite of Samuel and Mary Bryan.

Samuel Bryan

Born: 6 May 1756 in Rowan County, North Carolina

Died: 4 March 1837, Southport, Marion County, Indiana

Buried: Baptist or Southport Cemetery

Service: Enlisted in July 1775 

Service Description: